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Kimberly States: I truly enjoyed this class. There was so much information that I didn't know that I needed. Ms. Maria has been the best instructor ever! She is very funny, informative and kind. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet and learn from her! :) Deanna States: Very Informative. maria will educate you one what you signed up for and more. The added resources are well worth the value. Jeffery States: The class was VERY informational, above and beyond the information that was expected. Details were absolutely explained with ease by a professional. A++ Good Grade !! :) Ronald States: Enjoyed everything about the class. The instructor was great. Lori States: I had a

GA & AL Students

Sheila States: It is a God sent. The I am grateful the universe (God) brought our paths together. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, love, and wisdom. As Patti Labelle says "When You Been Blessed Pass It On". Thank you so much !!! Eureka States: Very, very resourceful!! Maria was straight to the point with information given. Great discussions. No question was unintelligent. Maria made you feel lithe the opportunity was at Hand Reach..... in which that are!! Rewarding & Resourceful Class! Jide States: This class changed my life! My perception of the industry is so clear. The instructor is the most informative course I have ever me

Georgia Peeps

Kenneth States: This class has been great. Learned a lot about being a broker as well as an agent. Learned to write different load rate sheets. This is a class that a person who's willing to learn and take the class serious will be an experience of a lifetime. Things you are taught will stick with you through out your broker or agent career. Not just that this class teaches multi-way's of making money, but to think and research details of every load. Love this class. Ericka States: Maria was very informative. She made the class fun. I learned a lot about shippers, broker and the trucking side of the business. I will definitely recommed her school to friends and associaties. Symone
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