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GA - SC - FL Students

Kimberly States: I truly enjoyed this class. There was so much information that I didn't know that I needed. Ms. Maria has been the best instructor ever! She is very funny, informative and kind. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet and learn from her! :)

Deanna States: Very Informative. maria will educate you one what you signed up for and more. The added resources are well worth the value.

Jeffery States: The class was VERY informational, above and beyond the information that was expected. Details were absolutely explained with ease by a professional. A++ Good Grade !! :)

Ronald States: Enjoyed everything about the class. The instructor was great.

Lori States: I had a ball. Love, Love, Love Maria. She is very informative. I think the workbook is full of very important information. Maria presented it the way we can all understand it. Very easy. Thanks for this experience!

Caroline States: Aswesome, interactive, and informative!

Loa Ann States: AWESOME. A lot of information! A lot of thought-provoking comments and ideas. The school/instructor does not leave you hanging. If you are serious --- you have what you need to get started in business.

Yesenia States: This class was great. I received a lot of helpful information. Mrs. Maria has a great personality. I will definately recommend this class.

Instructor Maria States: If you can't tell by the picture... this group of students were a blast to teach and hang out with. Fast learners! Go get those accounts!

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