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Terran States: I appreciate my instructor so much! The course was very detailed and not hard to pick up on. We learned about brokering loads, finding shippers, and posting to load boards! We were also introduced to even more ways to make income than being a broker/agent. Mrs. Suzettis personality made the course entertaining which helped us pay attention without being totally bored with freight information. I recommend this course to anyone looking to start a career in freight because there are so many resources to connect to during your journey! Samantha States: I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Boaz States: Very informative; a wealth of information. Very knowledgeable

Better Than An Apple For The Teacher... Help Me Name Him...

Look what one of my former students gave me (Laquil Walker). I had mention that I had to put my Mr. Doodles down (old - ShizShu) and she remember and offered another little boy for her litter of puppies. Ms. Walker and me with the puppy

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Larry States: Very informative in more ways than one. I've reviewed other sites before picking this one, and I'm glad I did. Keep doing what you doing (eye opener) and you will reap many rewards. Frances States: Maria is an AWESOME instructor. She is well knowledgeable not only in her "Product" but life in general. She keeps the class engaged and answers all questions in detail. I recommend her training to everyone. Melissa States: Like no other class I've ever expereinced. Very knowledgable, very exciting, never a dull moment. I absolutely loved her class. Justin States: Thanks! I learned alot, more than expected. I look forward to contacting your in the near future with great n
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