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IL - GA - AL Students

Terran States: I appreciate my instructor so much! The course was very detailed and not hard to pick up on. We learned about brokering loads, finding shippers, and posting to load boards! We were also introduced to even more ways to make income than being a broker/agent. Mrs. Suzettis personality made the course entertaining which helped us pay attention without being totally bored with freight information. I recommend this course to anyone looking to start a career in freight because there are so many resources to connect to during your journey!

Samantha States: I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

Boaz States: Very informative; a wealth of information. Very knowledgeable about this industy and very supportive and willing to help and assist students to go ahead in the industry. Never a dull moment. I will diffently recommend this class! Thank You

Anthony States: Best class I've attended. Very informative.

Paul States: Good class. I like the hands on class work and homework. Wealth of information and a great resource.

Maria States: I appreciate all the information. Great Vibes!

Instructor Maria States: I appreciate you too! I try my best to enlighten individuals to find their passion in business and life. When you do... you are unstopable! Thank You!

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