Over 40 years of Business Experience to Share!

Read Instructions:

All you will need for this class:  a Computer with fast internet, a Mic, and a Webcam. 

To Make Reservation:  Click on the first date (this reserves all the dates for that week) you wish to reserve.  Soon as you enter your information, it will then ask you to make your payment of $995.  Note: If you do not make your payment at time of reservation, we will not hold your seat. Note: Our seats are limited per class.

Once reservation and payment is completed... We will email you our Non-Compete Agreement to be sign, date, and initial - everything in RED.  Once we receive back our Non-Complete Agreement, we will then email to you the "Log In Information" and all the "Documents" to be printed out for the class.

Note: We will be adding more dates available in December, for next year.


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