James & Claudia - Morrow, GA

James States: It was a very informative class and a lot of information. You will learn a lot from this class. Thank you so much. Claudia States; It need to be more thank two days. Instructor States: I can understand needing more than to days, for the fact you can't see what is visually going on. But you pick it up very well, I was impressed. I know with your sons help, you two will be great at this!

Olivia T. - Manteca, CA

Olivia States: I, Olivia T. am grateful to Maria S. for teaching and instructing me about the freight broker program. I have learned a lot and I'm still learning. She was very patient with me throughout the course. She has given me the confidence in me to do the job, that she prepared me for and for that I will always be thankful. Instructor Maria States: Olivia it was and is my honor to train such a sweet individual. I know you and Victor will be awesome in this industry. Un-stop-able!

Deborah M. - Atlanta, GA

I think Maria is a very good teacher. Makes the information easy to understand and obtain. Very pleasant, not stressful.
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