Brian came back for his second day!

Brain States: The class was great learning experience about the business and the industry. I loved how Maria took the classroom atmosphere. Changed it to a fun learning experience. She's great at her craft and a sweet heart. She made this transition very easy for me. Also, I learned a lot of new things about myself. Thanks :) Instructor Maria States: Remember live in a higher self and be happy! You're going to be great at this! Picture in those fancy suits!

Georgia Peeps - Had A Blast!

Brian W. - Evans, GA - States: Man Don't know were to start. But let me just say this Maria is a great teacher. Class was very informative. Full of knowledge about the industry, business principles, taxes, and much, much, more. I will most definitely recommend to anyone that wants to be a broker, this is the most. Thanks Maria for sharing all that God has given you spiritually and naturally. Maurice D. - Douglasville, GA - States: This was an awesome class. Maria is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her class and services at the Freight Broker Agent School. Thank you Maria. Adrienne A. - Lilburn, GA - States: I truly enjoyed your class! Michael K. - Alpharetta, GA - States

LaTisha - Macon, GA & KiAra & Kendrel - Lawrenceville, GA

LaTisha States: This class was everything. I learned so much of so many field and plains. This class gives all you need to know about brokering. The energy and information is easy and fun. Thank so much... KiAra States: It was amazing!!!! Maria you are the best. You made the class worth while. Kendrel States: I loved the class. I feel I can conquer it all.

Asley - Tawana - Melanie / GA

Asley States: Ab Fab! Tawana: Former student who brought 2 more to our class and received a refresher course! Melanie States: Very informative, enjoyed!

Melissa - NC. / Everett - GA / D'amea -GA

Everett States: Very informative and fun. I learned so much in 2 days. I feel and believe that I will excel in my endeavor in the future. Thank Maria! I will stay in touch!! Melissa States: I really enjoyed the class because instructor Maria gave me essential information and broke it down to where a child could understand it. The class kept me interested to learn more and more. Maria kept the class fun and exciting while teaching. D'amea States: Mrs. Maria was absolutely amazing. I learned so much about freight broker in two days. She's very open and honest about what to look for and know when it come to being a broker. I really enjoyed this class.
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