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Georgia Peeps - Had A Blast!

Brian W. - Evans, GA - States: Man Don't know were to start. But let me just say this Maria is a great teacher. Class was very informative. Full of knowledge about the industry, business principles, taxes, and much, much, more. I will most definitely recommend to anyone that wants to be a broker, this is the most. Thanks Maria for sharing all that God has given you spiritually and naturally.

Maurice D. - Douglasville, GA - States: This was an awesome class. Maria is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her class and services at the Freight Broker Agent School. Thank you Maria.

Adrienne A. - Lilburn, GA - States: I truly enjoyed your class!

Michael K. - Alpharetta, GA - States: EXCELLENT CLASS. Extremely informative. THANKS!

(5th Student did 2nd day first coming back of this Thursday for the first half of the class... get a reference from him then)

Instructor Maria States: This was one of the most enlightened class and had so much fun. I so enjoyed all of you guys and Please stay in touch!

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