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Kenneth States: This class has been great. Learned a lot about being a broker as well as an agent. Learned to write different load rate sheets. This is a class that a person who's willing to learn and take the class serious will be an experience of a lifetime. Things you are taught will stick with you through out your broker or agent career. Not just that this class teaches multi-way's of making money, but to think and research details of every load. Love this class.

Ericka States: Maria was very informative. She made the class fun. I learned a lot about shippers, broker and the trucking side of the business. I will definitely recommed her school to friends and associaties.

Symone States: Class was great! Maria S. was very informative, helpful, and very knowledgeable about the business. She gave us a lot of free information about different aspects of the business that is larg to find or otherwise would cost an arm and a leg elsewhere. I definitely enjoyed her as my teacher. She ate lunch with us, easy very funny, selfless, and kind!

Kevin States: This was so much more than a class, Maria Suzettis, bought life expereinces, and helped me to grow, far as who I was as a person. She is a great person, and is passionate about what she teaches, and really cares, Maria has a good spirit, it was a pleasure being a student in her class. Thanks!

Instructor Maria States: You all were a fun and enjoyed training all of you!

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