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GA & AL Students

Sheila States: It is a God sent. The I am grateful the universe (God) brought our paths together. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, love, and wisdom. As Patti Labelle says "When You Been Blessed Pass It On". Thank you so much !!!

Eureka States: Very, very resourceful!! Maria was straight to the point with information given. Great discussions. No question was unintelligent. Maria made you feel lithe the opportunity was at Hand Reach..... in which that are!! Rewarding & Resourceful Class!

Jide States: This class changed my life! My perception of the industry is so clear. The instructor is the most informative course I have ever met. This was an amazing learning experience. Cant wait to work.

Kevin States: The class was awesome. Glad I took the time to go. Maria was a great instructor and very knowledgeable in freight brokering.

Sonthonaz States: This class was fun. Whole new industry for me, but I'm looking forward for this new challenge. Thanks for putting all this together. Maria you have the right attuite for this type of industry. I loved it. Thanks

Instructor Maria States: This was a great group and so much networking brought together.

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