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Georgia and Mississippi Students (Again forgot to take pic - having fun!

Katrina States: Class was very informative. Really easy to understand. Worksheets really helped to understand the materials. Will definitely recommend!!! Liked all the examples.

Dejuan States: The class went great. Now its just time to put everything to use. Very informative.

Jakkita States: I learned a lot of very important information that I can use to go forth with as a broker agent.

Skeketa States: Ms. Maria was very informative and provided us with valuable information. Kept class going with laughter. Enjoyed class- Will refer others.

Conectrice States: Thank You1 :) This class was very informative. You provide a lot of information to start my successful journey. Thanks A Lot !

Instructor Maria: Like I stated in class, when done with this class you can be either a Freight Broker or Agent. You did good!

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