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Kirk States: You are a very good teacher and you do a really good job keeping the class involved. Thank you for helping me understand the material and keeping the class focused. You will hear from me whether you want me to or not (LOL).

Traci States: I loved the class. It was very informative. When deciding to take this course, I didn't know what to expect. I enjoyed that the class size was small and it felt personal. I've gained a lot of information and it makes me more eager to learn about the business. I have a lot of friends and family that are carriers and the information given will allow me to assist them as well. I would like to start out as an agent and move towards being a broker.

Jaquse State: This class has some very valuable information.

Yassah States: Thank you so much Ms. Maria. Class was amazing. I really learn a lot from you. Thank you for letting me come back to finish up my class, this means a lot to me. I appreciate the hard work and knowledge that you put into this class. May GOD bless you!

Instructor Maria States: Thank you everyone. Well have to great together again soon!

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