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GA Students - Forgot To Take A Picture Was Having To Much Fun!

Aisha States: Fast-paced learning. Small Calls for more one on one time. Maria is funny - loves to tell stories, but it helps those that need to relate to the transportation industry. She is very helpful and knowledgeable with a lot of resources.

Stantonia States: Excellent! Will refer. A lot of good information. Well worth the money. Very knowledgeable. Keeps you engaged and entertained!

Twala States: Good Info. Very open to ask questions. Informative!

Tasha States: The class was very informative. I feel like I understand how the process actually works. It provided many examples and resources. The assignments were very helpful too.

Joyce States: The class is good. The instructor has a wealth of information. Her style is to help by giving you the opportunity to be successful with her many tips.

Steffanie Stated: I loved the fact that the class was a small group. I am excited that Maria was willing to do conference call to a shipper. I would like to have played some more role playing or games. Allowed us hands on interaction. Maria has a lot of information and very knowledgeable.

Horace States: The class was amazing! I plan on sending agents to class!

Instructor Maria States: I so glad you enjoyed the class. Now go get them.

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