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GA & FL Students

Tisha States: "Absolutely Amazing" Instructor has a vast amount of information and experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Maria's willingness to see her students thrive, motivates me during the new business venture.

Lola States: 1. Very informative 2. Interaction & plenty of information to get started. 3. Excited to get on the lane of success.

Julie States: This class was very informative. Instructor Maria gave and shared all information that was needed. Step by step on how to get started. Is worth the time. Is willing to continue to help even after leaving the class to help and answer questions. Is very patient in explaining how to do everything.

Avonda States: The instructor made it easy to learn and very informative. Learning materials are helpful for new and old students. I would recommend this class to future Brokers and Agents.

Alex States: Best teacher I ever had in the last 10 years, she make me feel super special. I know she would be true when I need her.

Instructor Maria: If you can't tell we had a blast in the class! Lots of love for my students!

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