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Georgia & North Carolina Students

Venture States: Very informative. Mrs. Maria is a GREAT teacher and has a wonderful way of getting the students to learn without even trying. She's a natural.

Tierra States: I really enjoyed gaining knowledge and insight from your experience. You helped me to get more in depth in the field and deepened my desire to want to move forward with the business.

Shaniqua State: It was very helpful and understanding. The instructor was awesome.

Shaderia States: It was good information you have gave us.

Jeremy State: Teacher has great energy. Therefore making the class lively. The class is very informative and is of much help.

Kimberly States: The class was very informative!! The information was easy to understand and a lot of resources were given. I definitely would refer others interested students to this class. Thanks A LOT!!

Linda States: Greeeat.

Coleen States: Very Informative.

Instructed Maria States: This was great class and awesome personalities!

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