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2 GA Gals and 1 MO Gal - Had a Blast!

Felica States: The Freight Broker Agent Class was amazing. You are an Awesome Teacher. The info you provided will definitely be the start of a new adventure and business. Your knowledge of business, life, and success are top notch. You have been such an amazing inspiration. I appreciate you. You deserved your "Black Card" for sure. Thanks!

Yalonda States: Extremely informative. Information that can only be given from one with years of experience.

Tara States: This class was awesome. Maria gave me to tools to be successful in this business. I know she is only a phone call away. I love the conversations in between our training as well. Maria, I wish you the best keep being yourself.


Instructor Maria States: Well this was a great class and thank you for my card! Love it! You all be blessed and stay in touch!

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