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Georgia - S. Carolinia - Michigan Students

Timple States: The class was very fun and informative. I learned a lot about freight brokers, plus more. Mrs. Maria is hilarious. If she wasn't such as great teacher, I would recommend stand up comedy. Keep up the great work. Thank You !!

Purdis States: Class was wonderful. My wife and I learned more than what we paid for. I'm not just saying this just to be saying it, but this seems like one of the best decisions I have made to further my career. Thanks.

Tamara States: Very informative and helped me to see and explore other avenues of profit.

Tony States: Good information; made information easy to understand and a wealth of resource knowledge. Thank you.

Arthur States: Lots of information and resources.

Christopher States: Class was very informative. I like the hands on assignments and getting a realistic perspective on being a broker.

Shanna States: The class was an excellent learning experience. Maria was extremely nice and helpful.

Instructor States: Such fun meeting you all... awesome job!

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