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Awesome Class - All From Georgia

Former NBA Player: Darius Miles - Instructor Maria - Jermon Williams

Former NBA Player Darius States: GREAT CLASS. A lot of good information.

Meta States: I truly enjoyed the class. Maria's teaching was very informative and motivational in introducing all the tools I need in becoming an agent. My level of confidence is at a high peak of knowing. I've tapped into my passion to do well and succeed in the Trucking Transportation Industry.

Thank you so much, Maria your humor, friendliness, love, and compassion for your students have helped shape us to become professional entrepreneurs and to be fearless at it!

Heather States: It is informative and she shows several different ways to make money.

Johnetta States: I learned a lot of knowledge of freight and really enjoyed the class. I will definitely recommend this course to others. Fun class easy learning.

Khandice States: I definitely enjoyed the class. It is very interesting and helped me understand the process very well. All the information given will be used accordingly and very grateful for the opportunity.

Instructor Maria States: I had a GREAT TIME teaching all of you. Making new friends and new business! Much came out of this class and the future is strong with this group!

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