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Student Referrals - Dec. 17th & 18th 2018

Kenneth J. & Shawana J. - Fairburn, GA - States: This class was a blast! She is an awesome instructor. This class was very informative and fun at the same time.

Sherrelle T. - Lawrenceville, GA - States: I enjoyed the class. Maria was awesome! She made the class fun and passed on knowledge. I would recommend this class. I didn't want to leave. I made a friend. I'm ready for my new chapter.

Debbie D. - Albany, GA - States: You were very informative, insightful and easy to learn. I am happy to attended your class. It was never boring. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Axel G. - Stathan, GA - States: Your class was very helpful. I learned a lot of nothing that I never knew of. Thank you for the great lesson. I hope to put it to good use. 10 out of 10 would recommend. :)

Evqueni S. - Alpharetta, GA States: LOVED IT!!!

Instructor Maria States: This was a GREAT CLASS and made new friends. Go get um!!!

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