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GA & FL - Student Referrals

Marshall States: Great Class. Very informative. I initially took the class to become a better owner-operator, however now I am interested in becoming a broker.

Percinda States: I enjoyed your class. You were very informant and enjoyed the information you shared. I learned a lot for someone who knew nothing about freight brokers. I would definitely recommend others to take your class. Stay cool... love your carefree spirit.

Terry States: The class was great, very detailed about the business. Maria knows the freight broker business. She takes her time with you and she is very helpful.

Sharon States: Very informative. The 1st day was extremely confusing to me, because I'm new to the business. The 2nd day I began reading the Manual. I believe we should have exchanged emails and phone numbers in class.

Vera States: Very informative.

Rohette States: The class was extremely informative and the practical exercises were awesome. I greatly appreciate your level of openness and willingness to share all types of information.

Instructor Maria States: It was my pleasure teaching all of you. I love to share!

And Sharon... You're right. I did mentioned it in the next class to share information between each other. But, in most of all my classes the student automatically talk to each other, and exchange the information on their own.

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