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Peeps From Shreveport, LA

Roderick States: This is the best class ever. Very simple and easy to understand. Instructor Maria was very down to earth, very positive attitude. I've learned so much in these two days and class was never boring. Wonderful class.

Betty States: You are a wonderful lady with so much wisdom about everything and people and what a beautiful personality. The class is very good! With a lot of good information and I was never bored.

Roslyn States: I love this class. I have NO knowledge of trucks or how they operate. Instructor Maria has taught me more than I could ever imagine. I have the confidence now to help my husband with his dreams. Depending on how things go, I might slow down at my job. I was very worried about getting into this. I set to go!! Thanks Maria.

Jeremie States: I enjoyed the class. I found out a lot of information I didn't know. There was nothing but good energy and we laughed a lot. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Instructor Maria States: I had a blast teaching all of you...and it was my pleasure. I've made 4 new friends!

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