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4 Individuals Trained Today!

Ken D. from Panama City, FL - States: Class was fun, Maria made it really easy to learn and understand. She will teach you anything you need to learn and gave a lot of tools to help me become a broker.

Bodoung D. - from Panama City, FL - States: I had a good experience with Maria and her class. I did learned a lot about the industry. This class I took gave me knowledge and was fun and very helpful. Thank You Maria.

Lamin J. from Temple, GA -States: Broker business is not as complicated as I thought to be: It's a lot of information to grasp at once, but once its broken down it makes more sense. It was a HONOR to attend this class.

Ronnie S. from Lithia Springs, GA -States: Very informative. Learned a lot about the brokerage side of trucking and transportation, can't wait to get started.

Instructor Maria States: It was too an HONOR to train all of you! Now go get um!

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