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Hosalee P. – San Bernardino, CA

Hosalee State: Mrs. Maria is a very great instructor. Great welcome of hospitality share intel information one-on-one. The training manual has lots of great Maria will go thru each section with you and help someone understand this nature of business and more. You will not be monopolized or discourage. Maria will pump you up, “Hype”. Easy to learn and Mrs. Maria will help prepare you for success. I recommend to anybody whom is interested seeking a new job or start going into business for yourself. Great Workshop…”Come Here”!!! Get it in today. it won't take long depending on you. Thanks “Maria”. Yours Truly, Hosalee P.

Instructor Maria State: Well thank you for the GREAT referral, I really appreciate it. I love what I do and I’m so happy you enjoyed the training

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