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Angel & JoAnn

Angel: I really liked the one-on-one training. I know I am ready to get rolling! Thank you Maria, for a good learning experience and the reassurance that this is what I wanted!

JoAnn: I think you are a wonderful person. You really opened my eyes to a lot. I really do thank you.

FOLLOW-UPDATE Angel: Hey Girl, it was great hearing from you! I am so excited, I went to training with M.T. after signing on with them. I love my new business! I have been working a lot of hours to start with, but it is rolling into place. I have landed some big accounts and have gotten several drivers for those accounts. I also took on a large brokerage company (CHR), oh what fun, they don’t like the little agents…lol. Those of us who can outbid then tend to strike a nerve. I found one client that was paying $950 a load to them and only was paying the truck $400. I was able to get trucks for the $400 and bit the same lane for $700. Don’t think (CHR) didn’t put up a fight, but one thing said, they won’t forget me. Why, cause I am in this business to stay. I will keep you updated. To all your students, take in as much as you can. Do everything she tells you and don’t get discouraged if you don’t hook up with a broker the next day after class. Give it time, but so go over all she gives you and listen to all that she tells you. Good luck. Apple is for the teacher…lol. Sincerely Angel.

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