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Beresford H. & Tinsha B. – Newburgh, NY

Beresford: The training I received was more than I expected and I am ready to go home and get started to make money.

Tanisha: I learned a lot more that I even expected. I admire Maria and appreciate all of the insight shared regarding this business.

FOLLOW UP EMAIL: These two call me (Maria) from their hotel (that the broker paid for). The broker flew them out to their office, paid for their hotel and gave them a company car during the training. They expressed how happy they are with the way things are going. They thanked me for all the help in getting them started.

Instructor Maria: How you talk to the brokers and what you understand about this business, will determine what a broker is looking for. They happen to land a great broker to work for. There are no guarantees in this business… what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it!

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