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FL & GA Students

Sharon States: Extremely Informative with a plethora of examples. This course has enlightened me with a vast about of knowledge. Maria the instructor does an amazing job of relaying the information. I will definitely refer this training to others aspiring to enhance their skills in the freight broker industry.

Celdrick States: Loved your class. Would highly recommend it to a few more friends. I will definitely be in contact. I cant thank you enough.

Teysha States: Enjoyed the class. Great attitude LOL. Lots of information and lots of tools and secrets to use. Very knowledgeable. Learned a lot about business credit checks and making your own packet for brokering business. And the little details in making sure to add in. Thank You!

Hannah States: I really enjoyed the class. I was given very helpful information that I think will help me be a very successful broker. This class was very interesting and helped me be able to run a business. Normally I will stray away but this class kept my attention the entire time. Thank you for taking time out of you day and teaching this to us! :)

Myeshia States: Class was very informative. The instructor was awesome. Kept the class interesting.

Instructor Maria States: I really enjoy this class, lots of energy was shared. Loved it!

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