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Beth G. Clermont, GA & Virgie S. Birmingham, AL

Beth States: Best training class I have ever attended. The knowledge I gained is amazing. Not only about brokering, but the trucking industry. Well worth every penny. I should have done this long ago.

Virgie States: Class was amazing. It was very personal and informative. I feel like I got all the information and tools needed to become a successful broker. I appreciate being able to follow up with the instructor (Maria), if I need help. Thank you so much!

P.S. Your school was in the TOP 5! of my search.

Beth... Thank you for allowing me to set up your brokerage firm authority and the rest. Also THANK YOU for referring others to our school.

Instructor Maria States: Well I forgot to take your pictures, so if you could email them to me, so that I can add you, that would be great. Having to much fun and forgot. Thank you both for such a GREAT review!

Virgie... Thank you also for letting me know how high we rated in your search online.

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