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Metter-Stockbridge & Fairburn, GA Students

Teresa States: I really enjoyed the class. It was very informative. Very well taught. So Much and many tools to use to help us get started. Thank You!

Issac States: The class was found to be very informative and enlightening. Sorry I wasn't as bubbly as normal. I sat through the class in extreme pain from a chemical burn. It was great meeting you!

Tommy States: Very informative class. Lots of information. Cant wait to dig into the website (we provide to our students only as password to a web page with lots of information) and find more info on shippers and services that is out there to continue the business.

Chylana States: Mrs. maria made the class very fun and made sure we we're taught how to work as a broker and bring home the bacon, while we help each driver to move each load with all the information. Thank you Ms. Maria for your well teaching skills.

Instructor Maria States: Oh my Issac, why didn't you say something. I'm so sorry, no wonder you were so quite. I hope you feel better sir. I really enjoyed meeting all of you and be blessed in all your that you do!

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