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GA, TN & NC Students

Tina States: Best Class!! The instructor (Maria) was well organized and prepared with study guides to reinforce the information that we learned. She is very knowledgeable and she teaches the information that anyone can understand it. Loved the class and it kept my interests both days. Thanks, it was worth ever penny :)

Harjin States: I was hesitant and not sure if I wanted to come and do this, but I'm really glad I came. It has opened my eyes and thoughts so much about the trucking industry. This class helped me to understand A LOT more now. This class has also opened up so many wonderful opportunities for myself and my family. Thank You!

Stepahnie States: Maria Suzettis was a great instructor. It was a lot of material there to learn, but she took her time and answered all your questions to make sure you that you understood. This was a great program to start with less money. Thank you so much Mrs. Maria.

Alex States: Great learning experience with practical info about getting the job done!

Elizabeth States: Just want to say thank you for being such a wonderful and fun teacher. Thank you for all you have shared. Class was Awesome.

Instructor Maria States: This was a fun class to teach, you 'al are a hoot-in-a-half! Go get um!

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