SC, VA, GA CT - Students From All Over!

Nathaniel States: The class was very entertaining and knowledgeable. The teacher was amazing, energetic and relatable. I learned way more than just brokering. I would recommend to anyone involved in any business or even personal finance growth. Thank you very much. I plan to stay in contact.

Sharon States: Class was very informative. Enjoyed Maria's stories about real life moments. I learned a great deal of information that I plan on using daily. I am so glad that we were a part of this class. Thank you so very much for your time. :)

Zachary States: Great class. Really informative. Learned how to generate revenue in multiple ways, not just brokering freight. Great atmosphere and it's always a pleasure having a teacher who enjoys teaching.

Shanika States: Very educational, straight to the point and up to beat.

Alycia States: This class was very informational and easy to understand and to follow. Instructor is patient and willing to listen and help others :) I will definitely refer this school to others willing to step in.

Marlon States: Tons of information given. Personality was amazing.

Ivan States: Excellent Class. Very informative. State very thankful.

Jefferson State: Very informative and not only as a freight broker, but many strategies on how to make money! Two thumbs up!

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