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TX, FL & GA Students

Anita States: Intimate settings makes it easy to learn. Maria is very knowledgeable about the industry and provides real- life scenarios of what to expect. Very detailed with the steps on how to obtain broker license, plus access to ton of resources.

Nevile States: This class was one of the best I've attended. It provided me with so much information that I have been looking for. I'm very thankful that I attended this class. It was truly a blessing.

Marcus States: I was not sure what to expect; as I saw online that there are many scams. Also, I saw online that you do not need schooling, now a certificate to be a broker. However the tools, shortcuts, knowledge and resources that Maria provided were well worth the money. The class and the breakdowns for me to understand. Thank you for sharing you time, experience and knowledge.

Jasmine States: Tons of history and knowledge. I came with intentions on learning about freight brokering and leaving with a few tax laws and world history.


Instructor Maria: Well thank you all. I do my best to share knowledge with everyone. The more people wake up and know the truth in all, the better off all of us would be. Love teaching!

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