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FL & GA Students

Ramon States: Fantastic Class. Wish it was longer due to the positive conversation.

Essence States: This class was very helpful and an eye opener to making money the fair and right way. Not only did you feel like you could ask your teacher anything, but you could also say anything to her. I have never been in a class that I knew once I left I would be successful and if I needed her, I know she will be there. I wish it was more people like her and I plan on helping people, just like she did. You are by far the best!

P. Ann States: Super Fabulous, humorous, detailed, just sensational, informative. I appreciate that you say it like it is, no frills, extra special human being! Superb!

TJ Heath States: This class was wonderful. The information was helpful and detailed. After these 2 days, I feel very comfortable about what I am doing. The best part of the class, Maria it was you. You bought energy and life to the class. Always great to be around good people who know what they're talking about.

Chris States: This class was great! Very informative. Maria's knowledge about the industry and being a Broker is outstanding.

Instructor Maria States: I love it when everyone gets on the same page. You all did such a great job and to say, very interesting group of individuals. Enjoyed teaching you all!

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