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Students From: GA - TN - MS

Lucian States: It was a great class. I learned so much. Thank you.

William States: This course offered an informative glimpse into the world of freight brokering,. Class supplementary materials including the binder and web resources are a good value. This class demystified the brokering process and gave me a lot of confidence and excitement to get out there and makes this business opportunity into a reality. Thanks!

Curtis States: Very helpful, good energy. Gave very good resources. Took time to make sure we understood what she was teaching. Leaving feeling that I have a good start.

Patty States: Very informative. Little expensive for materials given. Great teacher - helps me to make a decision on whether or not brokerage is for me.

Teresa States: Please keep your class this informational and entertaining. Your candor and sense of humor made this class fun and easier to learn. Your honestly about the industry is greatly appreciated. Thank You Maria! :)

Christopher States: This class was very informative. I learned about the difference between a Freight Broker and a Freight Broker Agent. These tips help me to realize that I can make up to six figures a year while being an agent. This job or profession is a great business to start from home. I am so excited about my future in freight brokering.

Instructor States: Enjoyed meeting all of you! Great class!

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