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Peeps from: GA, CT, NC and had a blast!

Cynthia States: So much information. She is so smart and just good people.

Lyndasha States: I thoroughly enjoyed the structure of this class. The intimate setting made it easy to ask questions and network with others in this industry. I can definitely take what I've learned and applied it to my business.

Tanesha States: I thoroughly enjoyed that class! I feel like I was given all the information needed to start my business plus so much more. There was a lot of information, but I only feel overloaded with endless possibilities. I would recommend this class to anyone!

Kimloeur States: It's a wonderful class. That's all I want to learn "how to

start with the trucking industry as a Freight Broker.

Sharlena States: Such a good environment and learning experience!

Bunkaing States: Fun Class. Nice Teacher and Friendly.

Calvin States: I thought the class was really informative and thorough. Maria (the instructor) is definitely a godsend. We need more like her.

Instructor Maria: I had a blast and enjoyed each and everyone of you! Including MrTT (inside joke- lol) Can't wait to see you all Sunday for luncheon!

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