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SC & GA Students

Crystal from GA States: Class was informative. Very lively teacher. Does give hope for descent income without ceilings. Really enjoyed and appreciated the amount of information given in the small time frame we had. Thanks for everything Sally (LOL) Maria.

Johnathen from GA States: Very detailed on explaining the role of a freight broker and how to start a business. Very informative.

Lakenya from S.C. States: This class has truly been a great experience for me. I am looking forward to venturing into the Freight Broker Business head on, and attacking it like a beast. Maria is a great motivator. She will take two wheels and a basket and turn it into a Big Hemi Truck! Beast Mode. Great working with you Sally, look forward to working with you!

Instructor Maria States: OK... Sally huh? So that's the nickname for me You guys were a hoot to train. Had a great time! Stay real!

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