Freight Broker Agent School - 1 from MN / 1 form AL / 2 from GA

Marcus States: This class was great, I gained a vast amount of information. I can tell that you have had a fun time doing this business. I appreciate you explaining and breaking down the A,B,C's of the Freight Broker industry. Keep it up, you are great!!!

Marcelline States: This class has enhanced my future in that I will now be able to manage my financial freedom depending on how smart I work from now on. I now am able to take advantage of the knowledge I now have to enhance others around me. "Knowledge is Power". I feel powerful. Thanks a "Millions" Maria!

Phillip States: The class was taught very well. Very happy I came to it. This will help me get my business started. Thank you Maria.

Kadijah States: Class was great. Maria Suzettis is funny and is extremely knowledgeable. I left the class feeling excited to embark on this new journey.

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