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Tyrone G. Fairburn, GA - Horace & Antoinette S. Atlanta, GA

Tyrone States: I've really learned a lot about being a Freight Broker then I ever knew. Also the Instructor Mrs. Maria Suzettis is good at what she does.

Horace States: The course was very informative. The materials that were provided was helpful. The classroom setting was pleasant. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the business. I highly recommend this course to others.

My take from this class - learning how to negotiate a load - how to pick your loads - search for loads - billing & shipping (invoice) - always keep copy and document everything - learned to read and research what you are trying / willing to ship - this business takes time and money.

Instructor Maria: It was my pleasure teaching all three of you. I always tell individuals once you're done with the class, you will know whether you want to be a freight broker or an agent for a broker. Depends on you finances and whether you want to be your own boss or not. I do my best to share all the information in the class. Had a blast meeting all of you!

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