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August 12th & 13th 2017 Graduating Class

Rebecca States: It was very informative. I appreciate the “tips and tricks” that Maria showed us that no one else would ever give. I definitely learned a lot and think that I can turn this into a successful business. I came into this a little skeptical, but I am now confident. Thank you! Well worth the money.

Maryum States: I loved the class it was very organized information and a lot of hands on. I feel like I have all the tools to be successful.

Cynthia States: The workshop was very informative. A lot of information at one time. Instructor was easy yo follow and went at a pace that allowed you to absorb the information and ask questions. Enjoyed this class and feel I have been given a solid foundation to start my own brokerage.

Jennifer States: Very informative. Enjoyed the energy and friendly learning experience. Easy to understand, lots of information.

Thomasina States: Great info. & presentation. I do feel some personal conversations of other individuals went on to long. Thank you for passing on good information and hopefully if I have any questions I can give you a call.

Bevellies States: The training was very informative and touches on a variety of topics. The training gave me an open appetite for more information within the transportation industry.

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