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Janelle, Derrick, Jessica – Buford, GA

Janelle States: This class was well worth the price for the chance to meet and gain knowledge from Maria. She is very knowledgeable about freight brokering. I am thankful for all the resources that she provided. This class makes me eager to start a new career as a broker.

Derrick States: Maria is an outstanding instructor, teacher and coach who has a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the freight broker/agent industry. I have learned a lot information for placing into my toolbox for my freight broker business. Thanks Maria.

Jessica States: I learned a lot during this course, we got off topic a lot, but i obtained tons of information during the course. I am confident in my broker abilities after attending this class. I am excited to venture out and begin my career in the brokerage industry.

Instructor Maria States: It was great training all three of you… you make great friends. I do my best to share information to all I teach. Yes, we do talked about other subjects due to… if I keep throwing information on top of information at you, you will not obtain it… so its best to break away and give your brain a chance to relax and enjoy your surroundings for a few minutes. And as you have seen in class… It works!

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