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Four from Illinois

LaWanda States: Mrs. Maria has been a delight. I found that a balance of educating the class, ad humor. The information taught was precise. She was extremely patient, knowledge worthy, resourceful. I also like the fact that she was able to paint pictures for those of us who needed it at times. I would definitely recommend just about every future Broker/Agent be trained by Maria. I can only expect my retention will excel even more considering the test that will be administered. I really enjoyed the POSITIVE ENERGY!

Iana States: Very interesting and informative! Thank you for being open and real.

Michael States: I really had a great time. Very Very wonderful life lesson and learning experience.

Robert States: It was a great experience. I love the environment and how you offer one on one with us… it was great!!!

Instructor Maria States: OMGosh… I had a blast educating you all. You kept it interesting. I know you will all be great at this, due to the fact you have such a great friendship between all of you. Oh… and I tr always to keep it real….lol.

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