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James C. & Alice P. – TX

James: Between what I have learned from Maria and the study guide (Our Training Manual) I believe I learned quite a lot, even after being in the industry for over 30 years I realize there was still a lot to learn. I am still learning and referring back to the guide for info.

Alice: For someone who only knew how to be a carney and a waitress, the opportunity to learn something new, was exciting and hopeful. My instructor was thorough and answered questions with a smile. Everything was included to become a successful Broker/Agent, all I need is to put in the time. I would recommend this course.

To James & Alice: I get to know so many wonderful people over this 12 years of training. I really enjoy your sense of humor, and training you. I wish you the best and stay in touch. Call if need any help! Maria / Instructor

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