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Carolyn M. & Amie D. Fort Wayne, IN – Phone Training

Amie States: I got a lot of really neat knowledge out of this course. So in overall Maria is a fabulous instructor, she has trained me everything I need to know to become a broker agent or a broker myself. I liked Maria’s course she didn’t make the training boring. She kept everything interested and never a dull moment. I really liked how she was very knowledgeable and got to the point. Anyone interested in this industry I would highly recommend Maria from ShippersCarriers ( It was very reasonably priced and you get your monies worth.

Carolyn States: I have learned a lot throughout this internet and phone course. I chose to change my career and I am so excited to do this kind of work. I had no experience before taking this course and I feel very confident in what I have learned. I recommend this to anyone and my instructor is very knowledgable. Thank you Maria.

Instructor Maria States: You two are more than welcome … you two are a hoot! Enjoyed training you both!

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