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Harold And Jan – From Kansas

Maria your training was awesome! I’ve been a truck driver for 18 years and what I found out about this side of he freight business was very shocking. Thank you for opening my eyes to this side of the business.

UPDATE: I just wanted to take a moment to write you and say thanks again for giving me a real good foundation to build my business on. If it had not been for the training I received I would still be struggling trying to learn the broker business. I wanted to write this letter so you could post it for your students to read and hopefully learn from. This is my 3rd broker in months and I just started making real money and I can pay my bills with…. let me explain….I stress to your students to do their homework in checking our a broker before you sign on with one. Use the tools that Maria teaches you and check the brokers credit score! If their credit score is below 85…keep moving on till you find one that has pretty near perfect credit. The reason for this is that none of the carriers will bother taking any of your freight because they will be afraid the won’t get paid, or won’t get paid on time.

UPDATE: Maria since moving over to my new broker, my business has taken off – BIG-TIME! I have a carrier following you can’t believe, and I have a FORTUNE 500 customers (8 total) that are giving me up to 250-300 loads per month…..Life is good. All because of my brokers great credit and what I learned from you and of course my own hard work. Maria thanks again for everything!

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