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4 Interesting Students

Well today I finish training “4” interesting individuals. We had a great time… and I mean a great time. It’s so fun to teach people who have a goal in mind and are reaching for it… and I’m there to help.

They were one their toes and fast thinkers. I so look forward to seeing you expand into a Brokerage Company. Need any help – call me anytime! Thank you… Ronald, Effie, Angela & Jah Patriot.

Thanks! Maria / Instructor


Ronald Writes: I learn so much in two days taking this Broker class. It opened a new view to a better future. Thank you so much Maria.

Angela Writes: It was great. I well recommend to others.

(waiting for Effie’s reference)


Jah Patriot is a musical artist … check him out at… awesome music.


Will be posting their references once I receive them back.

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