Margo -Jeevanshay -Teresa -Traci – GA

Traci States: This class was worth the investment. I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and I feel that Maria’s “insight” are more valuable than my degree. Maria was a great instructor. She kept us laughing and truly shared information that we can use immediately. I would highly recommend this course!

Teresa States: The class was very interesting. I learned a lot. Lots of resourceful information. Really appreciate showing and teaching me how to ave money.

Margo States: The class was very informative. Maria is very knowledgeable and great instructor.

Jeevanshay States: Maria is knowledgeable of the industry and willing to share the ins and outs of the business. I left feeling informed, excited and knowledgeable of the business that I’m about to embark in.

Instructor Maria States: It was my pleasure sharing information with all of you. I had such a great time. You ladies are wonderful.

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