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Former Student Update: 3rd Update Email Received From Michael M – TN

Go back and look on Sept. 15th, 2015 what his first email we received on how his business was going on then. Then read this on how he is doing now.

Received an updated email today from Michael stating:

Jennifer (wife)and I just bought a house that we paid cash for about 2 weeks ago in Seymour, TN. Right now we are in the process of moving. We now own two businesses under one roof. Not only do have the brokerage but, now I own 14 trucks with step decks.

I was able to get my feet in the door with (“private info. on these companies”) for direct freight and broker freight. I have not yet tried to look at the projections for this year, however I believe it will be my best year ever. Because of meeting you (Instructor Maria) and taking your course everything that my family had needed had been possible.

Here are three examples: Erika my oldest is playing Lacrosse in college however she leaves in 2 weeks with Team USA to play in the World Championships. Connor is leaving in a week to go to the University of Michigan football camp then on to the Under Armor football camp. Kira is on her way to summer camp for two weeks, one youth camp for the church and the Gibson Camp which is camp that Gibson Guitars puts on.

None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t attended your program. Jennifer is no longer working, except on Monday and Friday with helping with billing and payroll. I now have 6 people working for me and 3 agents located in Waterloo, IA, Jefferson, GA and Peoria, IL. We are currently looking to get our foot in the door at (private company info). I have a meeting on the 20th in Iowa with (private company info).

I will be looking for 3-4 new agents once I get my new office finish building for both of the companies. The building has 10 offices, 2 service bays and a warehouse to house all of our step deck supplies. The completion and the day I get my keys is July 5th.

I would be excited, not to mention honored, if you would come and tour the facility when you are in town. Above all… this would not be possible unless the good Lord had took a liking to me. I have to say… I think He truly loves me.

Maria States: Oh My Gosh… my heart is filled with so much love for you and your family. I love it when I can touch others, as I have you. It was a pleasure to teach you. You took to this like a fish in the water. I admire what you have accomplished. It would be my honor to come visit you new place and meet your family. To bring my family, in order to see what I helped get started. I think I’ll cry with joy now!

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