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 Why is this the "Greatest Business" to learn?

  • Think about this... everything you eat, drink, wear, and use is moved on an 18-wheeler.

  • We offer "Live One-On-One Online Course with our Instructor" using GoToMeeting webinar.

  • We offer scheduled calendar dates and private dates - day, night and some weekend classes.  

  • You'll receive PDF documents with step-by-step instructions to print, along with examples.

  • You will also receive a "Certificate of Completion."

  • Learn what the difference between being a Freight Broker and an Agent for a Freight Broker. 

  • Note:  That we recommend that you start off as an Agent in order to learn the ends and outs, by as we state.... "You're Grown" - You Decide once you understand the difference of the two in this course.


Our instructor who has over 44+ years of business experience to share with you. 

Check our Available Dates on our Calendar

Weekday or Evenings: $995.oo

-  or  -

Private Course: $1500.oo

 (We only allow up to 4 individuals in the Weekday or Evening Courses)

Each additional person attending with you add: $595.oo

Direct Cell:  678-343-0088

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Darius Miles
Former NBA Player in our class.


Former NBA Player - Darius States: Great Class.  A lot of good information.  Thank you so much, Maria your humor, friendliness, love, and compassion for your students has helped shape us to become professional entrepreneurs and to be fearless at it!

Meta-States:  I truly enjoyed the class.  Maria's teaching was very informative and motivational in introducing all the tools I need in becoming an agent.  My level of confidence is at a high peak in knowing.  I've tapped into my passion to do well and succeed in the Trucking Transportation Industry.


Heather States:  It is informative, and she shows several different ways to make money.


Johnetta States:  I learned a lot of knowledge of freight and really enjoyed the class.  I will definitely recommend this course to others.  Fun class easy learning.


Khandice States:  I definitely enjoyed the class.  It is very interesting and helped me understand the process very well.  All the information given will be used accordingly and very grateful for the opportunity.


Virgie States: Class was amazing.  It was very personal and informative.  I feel like I got all the information and tools needed to become a successful broker.  I appreciate being able to follow up with my instructor Maria if I need help.  Thank you so much!

P.S. Your school was in the "TOP 5" of my search.


Wayne States: Class was very informative, great to understand, fun, and there were no wrong questions :)


Briana States: First off, I really enjoyed the training.  I have gained so much knowledge within two days.  I love the format and how detailed the learning material had been.  Thank You, Thank You.


Gheorghe States: I am very impressed, about the tons of information the instructor Maria gave to us.  I can easily tell she's a teacher, a leader, and a psychologist which makes her a perfect mentor for a person who's trying to make a difference.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Thank you very much!!!


Danue States: GREAT!  Lots of information.  Just what I'm looking for.  I needed you a year ago.  Thanks.
~ Our Motto ~
 "It Does Not Hurt to Light One Candle with Another Candle".   We Shared Knowledge

Instructor Mrs. Suzettis has accumulated over 44+ years of business experience to share with you.  She is very passionate teacher and enjoys in sharing her years of knowledge with her students.  Note: Once you have completed this course, you will receive a "Certificate".


In the course you will learn the basics of how to start your new business.  From teaching you the basics of how the freight brokerage business works.  You will learn how to fill out the basic documents needed to move the freight, how to use the load boards, learn the basics how to negotiate your earnings between the Shipper and the Carriers of the freight being moved.  Learn many of the do's and don'ts of brokering freight across U.S.A.   How much can a Freight Broker or Agent make in revenue?  Click Here


QWhat's the difference between a "Freight Broker" and an "Agent"?  

A:  BROKER:  is a company that assumes all general legal requirements to operate as a freight broker.  They must have a Broker Authority MC# /DOT# which is registered with the F.M.C.S.A., a $75,000 "Bond or Trust" (the Bond goes by your personal credit score and there are no fee to run your credit - it doesn't affect your credit score either), a Process Agent / BOC3, UCR Registration and a Broker Pin#.   You will also need any State or local licensing, and insurance for your business. 


The Freight Broker verifies the Shippers / 3rd Party's Credit and will also verifies the Carrier Company licensing and insurance.  Any errors by the Freight Broker they are 100% legally responsible. The Freight Broker is also responsible for the accounts payable's, receivables, and collection.  The Freight Brokers keep 100% of earned income of the load that was moved between the Shipper and the Carrier.  

EXAMPLE:  Shipper pays $5000 for a load.  You find a Carrier to haul the load for $4500.  There is a $500 profit.  This profit is all yours.

B:  AGENT:  is an independent contractor who works for a brokerage firm (from your home or office).  Does not carry the freight broker authority, BOC3, UCR, Bond and/or Trust.  Agent only makes a percentage and/or dollar amount per load moved.  Anywhere usually from 50% to 75% of the earned income.

EXAMPLE:  Shipper pays $5000 for a load.  You find a Carrier to haul the load for $4500.  There is a $500 profit.  Let us say the broker pays you 50% you would only earn $250 of the load that was moved.  If you had received 60% you would have earned $300



Our instructor will share so much information with you.

Review our former students written references and videos.

After completing our course, it is then up to you to decide whether to go work for a freight brokerage company as an agent (which we highly recommend), or you can personally choose to become a freight broker and develop more of your skills and knowledge.  

Note that we do offer filing your Freight Broker Authority Package - Filing Fee: $880.oo. 

Just remember... Your job after this course is to keep learning and gathering as much knowledge and skills in this industry.  Also to stay on top of the current laws and regulations of becoming a full freight broker in this industry.
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