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Freight Broker Agent School

Why is this a "Great Business" to get into?

  • Because everything you eat, drink, wear, and use comes on a truck. 

  • The "Trucking Industry" is so important especially right now... so don't miss out.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine rated this to be one of the top industries to be involved with.

  • So what are you waiting for?  We have 40 years of Business Experience to Share with you.

  • "Live Internet Conferencing Course" - Easy to learn, right from home!
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Instructor: Maria Suzettis

Live Internet Conferencing Course

Learn from the comfort of your home using a computer, microphone -or- phone, and internet.   You will be seeing, and learning the same as if you were in office course.  The instructor will take you though everything step-by-step visual.

Learn to be a full "Freight Broker" and own your own brokerage company -or- learn to become an "Broker Agent" and work from home for a brokerage company.  We teach you how to broker a load, the do's and don'ts, and how to locate the Shippers who have freight to move, and the Carriers who hauls the freight.  This is where you make your profit.  No matter which class you decide to attend you will receive once you have completed this class, you will receive a "Certificate of Completion"  

Make sure to check out our "Student References" on our blog.

If wish to be an Agent for a Freight Broker instead - Guaranteed Placement!

Check Calendar for "Dates Available" then sign up, and then click on "Make A Payment".

3-Day Freight Broker Course Fee:   $950 for the first person.   

Add:  $650 per extra person that attends with you at the same time.

2-Day Broker Agent Course Fee:   $1175 for the first person.   

Add:  $850 per extra person that attends with you at the same time.







Once you have completed this class you will know whether or not you wish to become a Freight Broker and own your own brokerage business or to become an Agent for a freight brokerage company and work from home.  You will learn how to broker a load/freight from start to finish.  We only allow up to 8 individuals in the class, more attention given to the students.  You will walk away with so much valuable information from our course and other ways to make money too.  Make sure to check out our "Blog" to see what our former students have to say about the "Freight Broker Agent School".   We offer "Follow-Up Webinars" with the instructor.


You will learn how to fill out the paperwork needed to book a load.  How to input the load information correctly into the load boards.  Your instructor will go over how to locate Shippers who have freight to move, and also how to locate the drivers to haul the freight on their trucks.  This is where your profit comes in.  


How much you earn depends on whether you choose to become a Freight Broker or an Agent in this industry.  It depends on how much gumption and initiative that you put forth.  Most of all... you can't be scared to talk to people!


Freight Broker Earnings Example: Let's say a Shipper is willing to pay you  $5,000 for a load - and you then located a Carrier/Driver to haul the load for you for $4,500.   Your profit is $500.   This is all yours to keep!


Agent Load Earning Example: Let's say a Shipper is willing to pay you  $5,000 for a load - and you locate a Carrier/Driver to haul the load for you for $4,500.   The Profit is $500.   As an Agent, you have to split this profit with the Freight Broker. Due to the fact you are using their license, bond, etc.   Usually, Agents receive 50-60% of the $500 Profit. 



~ Other Services Available ~

Freight Broker Authority DOT#/MC# - UCR Registration Filings - BOC-3 Process Agent - Filing Fee:  $895

(No Charge Filing Your Freight Broker Bond - The "Yearly Fee" is determined by your credit score only!)


    Former Student - Referral    

 Former NBA Player Darius Miles, and Instructor Maria

0122191656 (3).jpg

Meta-States:  I truly enjoyed the class.  Maria's teaching was very informative and motivational in introducing all the tools I need in becoming an agent.  My level of confidence is at a high peak in knowing.  I've tapped into my passion to do well and succeed in the Trucking Transportation Industry.

Former NBA Player - Darius States: Great Class.  A lot of good information.  Thank you so much, Maria your humor, friendliness, love, and compassion for your students has helped shape us to become professional entrepreneurs and to be fearless at it!


Heather States:  It is informative and she shows several different ways to make money.


Johnetta States:  I learned a lot of knowledge of freight and really enjoyed the class.  I will definitely recommend this course to others.  Fun class easy learning.


Khandice States:  I definitely enjoyed the class.  It is very interesting and helped me understand the process very well.  All the information given will be used accordingly and very grateful for the opportunity.



Virgie States: Class was amazing.  It was very personal and informative.  I feel like I got all the information and tools needed to become a successful broker.  I appreciate being able to follow up with my instructor Maria if I need help.  Thank you so much!

P.S. Your school was in the "TOP 5" of my search.


Wayne States: Class was very informative, great to understand, fun, and there were no wrong questions :)


Briana States: First off, I really enjoyed the training.  I have gained so much knowledge within two days.  I love the format and how detailed the learning material had been.  Thank You, Thank You.


Gheorghe States: I am very impressed, about the tons of information the instructor Maria gave to us.  I can easily tell she's a teacher, a leader, and a psychologist which makes her a perfect mentor for a person who's trying to make a difference.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Thank you very much!!!


Danue States: GREAT!  Lots of information.  Just what I'm looking for.  I needed you a year ago.  Thanks.



Instructor: Maria Suzettis

About Her... Maria has over 40+ years of business experience to share with her students and over 30+ years of knowledge in the Broker/Trucking industry.  You will learn the ends and outs of how the brokerage business works.  Learn how to fill out the paperwork and negotiate the freight being moved.  You will walk away with so much knowledge, just see what our former students have to say on our blog.


Click below to make an appointment, then click on "MAKE A PAYMENT" to do your Deposit or Pay in Full.  Located in Winder, GA


Once you have completed the class you will receive a "Certificate of Completion" and can work for a freight brokerage company -or - register to become a full Freight Broker. 

888-222-0829 - or - 678-343-0088


Freight Broker Agent Class = 1st Person $950  

Add = $695 Each Additional Person Who Comes With You!
~ Our Motto ~
"It Does Not Hurt To Light One Candle ...   with Another Candle"
We Shared Knowledge

Terran States:  I appreciate my instructor so much!  The course was very detailed and not hard to pick up on.  We learned about brokering loads, finding shippers, and posting to load boards!  We were also introduced to even more ways to make an income than being a broker/agent.  Mrs. Suzettis personality made the course entertaining which helped us pay attention without being totally bored with freight information.  I recommend this course to anyone looking to start a career in freight because there are so many resources to connect to during your journey!


Samantha States:  I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.


Boaz States:  Very informative; a wealth of information.  Very knowledgeable about this industry and very supportive and willing to help and assist students to go ahead in the industry.  Never a dull moment.  I will defiantly recommend this class!  Thank You


Anthony States:  Best class I've attended.  Very informative.


Paul States:  Good class.  I like the hands on class work and homework.  Wealth of information and a great resource.

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