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How Much Can I Earn?

Depends on if you're a Freight Broker or Broker Agent.

Varies according to how many loads that you move.
How much the Shipper is willing to pay to have to load delivered.
How much the Carrier/Driver is willing to haul the load for.

Statistic calculating

Let's Start with an Agent Load Earning Example

Let's say a Shipper is willing to pay you $5,000 for a load.

Then you locate a Carrier / Driver to haul the Freight / Load for you for $4,500. 

The profit difference is $500.

As an Agent... you would split the profit with the Freight Broker. 

Due to the fact you are working under the Freight Brokers Authority.

Brokers usually pay most of their Agents around 50% to 60% of the earnings.

Some pay more according to any prior experience.  

So, on this load example you would have made a profit of $250 to $300.

And keep in mind the Agent does not have to pay for Freight Broker Authority,

or a Bond / Trust, or file the BOC3, or the UCR registrations.  The Agent does not have to do accounts payable, receivables or collections, and does not carry the liability. (Note: That a Freight Broker is 100% liability to pay the Carrier companies, even if the Shipper does not pay them).

So, keep in mind that this gives the Agent more time to move more loads which in the long run could make a larger profit.

Freight Broker Earnings Example 

Let's say a Shipper is willing to pay you $5,000 for a load.

You then located a Carrier/Driver willing to pick up the load / freight to be hauled and delivered and you negotiated to pay them $4,500.   

The difference is a profit of $500.

This profit of $500 is all yours to keep.  

But... remember you have to have a Freight Broker Authority (not a Carrier Authority), you don't to register the BOC3 - UCR - Broker Pin#.  And you carry 100% liability.

Our Recommendation

It's a good idea to start off as a Freight Broker Agent.  Why... because this gives you the time to learn the ins and outs about this business before investing monies into becoming a Freight Broker.  If you do decide, to become a  Agent instead of a Freight Broker, we will supply you a list of Freight Brokers looking for Agents and better yet ... if you pass your final exam with 85% or more, we will personally refer you to a great Freight Broker to work for an independent agent.  This list is also located in the "Students Password Protected Area" which is only for our students and has so much information that we share.  There are so many tools, links, shipper leads, carrier leads, information that will help you in this business.

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