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Due to the Corona Virus we are only offering Live Online Conferencing Course.  We prayer that everyone is safe, and we're doing our best to help out by offering this service.  Because guess what... Trucking is not going to stop, the Government needs us!  




Q:   What classes are available?   

A:   We offer several choices - Click Here to view.

QHow many years of business experience does your instructor have?

A:  Over 40+ years of business knowledge.


QHow many years has the Freight Broker Agent School been educating individuals to become "Freight Brokers"  or an "Agents"?

A:  Over 21+ years of sharing and educating individuals into this industry. 

QWhen will be offering "In Office Course" again?

A:  We will be starting the "In Office Course" again once the Government states it's safe for all to interact.

Q:  How do I reach you?

A:  Office:  888-222-0829 -or- Cell: 678-343-0088 -or- email us at:

QTell Me More... 

A:  You learn from the comfort of your home using a computer, microphone -or- phone, webcam, and with our online internet course. 

Q:  What are my Payment Options?

A:  Zelle ( 678-343-0088 )  - or -  PayPal - Note: You can also pay with debit or credit card through PayPal - and Cash App - Call us if need help!

QWhat information does the instructor go over in class?  Click Here

A:  Here are just a few things

Q:  Are there any Refunds or Chargeback allowed once we have paid either the deposit and/or the full amount?

A:  No.   Student understand and agrees once payment is made there is No Refunds or Chargebacks using a credit or debit card or PayPal in any shape or form.  But. we will allow you to move the dates that you reserved one time only.  "All Sales Are Final".

QWhat's the difference between a "Freight Broker" and an "Agent"?

A:  BROKER:  is a company that assumes all general legal requirements to operate as a freight broker. 

They must have a "Broker Authority / MC#", which is registered with the government, a $75,000 "Bond or Trust" (don't worry we can get a Bond usually  cost between $500 - $5,000 a year), a "Process Agent", and the UCR Registration and any state or local licensing and insurance.  Broker verifies the Shippers credit and the Carrier Company licensing and insurance.  They also to all the accounts payable's, receivables, and collection.  Brokers keep 100% of earned income of the load that was moved between the Shipper and the Carrier.


EXAMPLE:  Shipper pays $5000 for a load.  You find a Carrier to haul the load for $4500.  There is a $500 profit.  This profit is all yours.

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