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QHow many years of business experience does your instructor have?

A:  Over forty years of business knowledge to share.  The instructor started her first company at the age of eighteen.  Then around twenty-eight years old started working for a company called Mesa (which was a brokerage and trucking firm).  With this company she started to learn about dispatching, brokering freight, and some trucking.  Kept her ears open to take in the information of brokering the loads, and ask lots of questions (note at that time there was no such thing as an agent - only brokers).  When she discovered that she could be an agent for a freight broker, she jumped at it (especially after seeing what a broker could make).  She started to learn how to find shippers, find the carriers, and how to use the load boards, etc. 

Individuals (such as truckers) started to ask I'd help them learn what I knew about this industry... so hence how this all started.  She has really enjoyed this industry.  She states "I have met and trained so many wonderful individuals, and have truly enjoy sharing what knowledge I have with them.  And every person/student(s) who has inquired about our class, and who I have taught, I tell them that this is a beginners freight broker agent class.  But, if a person wishes to go further their career into becoming a freight broker that is up to each individual to do so". 


To each and every student who has attended our class or will attend our class,  what you put into this is what you get out of it.  That this is "Not an over-the-night-rich-quick-scheme".  You will have to put time and effort into this, just like any other new business start-up.  You will need to build up your shippers accounts by contacting them direct or by phone.  To build up your carrier database overtime.  And if wish to become a full freight broker to go learn the laws, rules, and regulations of being a freight broker (go to the F.M.C.S.A.).  To research the different TMS Software (But Note: some shippers use them and some do not).  You'll will need to understand basic accounting and keep all documentation per load together.  We share a list of shippers and information during class, but it is still up to you to call the shippers (talk them into working with you) to build your new business.  Disclosure: Do not sign up for this class, if your scare to talk to people.  You must do be able to talk to others, and not to be scare to do so.  Also, that you understand this is a beginners class in the understanding how this industry works.  That you will have to put time and effort in order to start a new business, and to further your knowledge about this industry.  

QWhere do you train?

A:  You learn from the comfort of your home using a computer, microphone and webcam.

      We use "GOTOMEETING" for our live internet class with an instructor throughout the full course. 


Q:  Am I allowed to video tape and/or record and/or copy any or part of the class/course in any shape or form including GoToMeeting and/or              Zoom and/or any other form of online class?

A:  NO.  Due to copyrights.  This includes any and all training materials via-emailed, mailed, or shipped.  We do not legally allow this in any shape or form.  We will share some documents that we do give permission to take ideas off of, but note being an agent, the freight broker supplies the documents you will need usually.

QWhen will be offering "In Office Course" again?

A:  We will be starting the "In Office Course" again? 

      Maybe.  Keep an eye out on our calendar.


Q:  How do I reach you?

A:  Office:  888-222-0829  or email us at:   

     NOTE: Make sure to leave a message.  If phone number comes up with no name or spam we will not answer . 

     This is due to so many solicitors trying to sell us who-knows-what.  So make sure to leave a message. 

QWhat are some of the things you go over in class?

A:  We go over the basics of brokering loads.  This is a beginners course for those who want to get a feel of how this industry works.  We do not        go into accounting and/or the laws of becoming a full freight broker.  Click for list.

QIs there guaranteed placement after I complete this class/course?

A:  No, but we do supply a list of several Brokers looking for Agents, but there is no guaranteed placement.  Every once in a while we do get             calls from freight brokers looking for agents.  In that case we will post in the students password protected area when they are available to             call.  We will go over some of the questions to ask before signing on with a freight broker.  

QHow soon can I make money?

A:  Depends on how fast you locate shippers(s) willing to work with you, and set up an account with them.  How many loads you move, and the         profit from each one.  We have stated with each, and every student that takes this class... this is "NOT an over-night-get-rich-scheme".  It             takes time to build a new business.  It's just like any other new business, it takes time and effort to start something new.  I have had students       land shippers accounts right away, and some have taken months.  Do you call the right person at the right time, what's your personal like, do       you click with the other person on the phone - there are different variables.  You can not be scared to talk to stranger.  Because you have to         be able to communicate with the Shippers freight and traffic managers, Carriers/Truckers, Dispatcher, etc.

Q:  What are my Payment Options?  (Not excepting students at this time - will post other options once class resumes)

A:   PayPal  (Note: You can also pay with debit or credit card through PayPal).  Call for other options.

Q:  Are there any Refunds or Chargeback allowed once we have paid either the deposit and/or the full amount?

A:  No.  All Student understand and agrees once payment is made there is "No Refunds or Chargebacks" using a credit or debit card using                PayPal or call for other forms of payment.  But, if something comes up and you can not make it, we will allow you to move the dates that you        reserved - one time only.  We expect at least a weeks notice of change.  "All Sales Are Final".  We disclose that our site may or we may                decide to be an affiliated marketer with links to an online retailer on or off this website (some of the Links).  We will or would earn                          commission from this/these retailers.  We will or would earn commission from this/these retailers.  Disclosure/Disclaimer.

QWhat's the difference between a "Freight Broker" and an "Agent"?  Here is a basic overall information!

      A:  BROKER:  is a company that assumes all general legal requirements to operate as a freight broker.  They must have a "Broker Authority        DOT#/MC#" which is registered with the F.M.C.S.A., a $75,000 "Bond or Trust" (the Bond goes by your personal credit), a Process Agent,            and the UCR" Registration.  Also, you will need any state or local licensing and insurance for your business. 


      A freight broker verifies the Shippers Credit (before moving any loads to make sure they will pay the bill) and the verifies the Carrier                     Company licensing and insurance (before they haul any loads).  Any errors by the freight broker, they become 100% legally responsible.             The freight broker is also responsible for the accounts payable's, receivables, and collection.  The freight brokers keep 100% of earned               income of the load that was moved between the Shipper and the Carrier.  To learn more go to F.M.C.S.A. to become a full freight broker.


     ONE EXAMPLE:  Shipper pays $5000 for a load.  You find a Carrier to haul the load for $4500.  There is a $500 profit.  This profit is all yours.

     B:  AGENT:  is an independent contractor who works for a brokerage firm (from your home or office usually).  Does not carry the freight                    broker authority and or bond/trust.  The agent does not need a process agent or has to file for the UCR, because your working under the              freight broker.  Agent only make a percentage and/or dollar amount per load moved.


     ONE EXAMPLE:  Shipper pays $5000 for a load.  You find a Carrier to haul the load for $4500.  There is a $500 profit.  Let us say the broker       pays you 50%.  You would only earn $250 of the load that was moved.



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