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GA & SC & MS - Student Referrals

Dhaima States: The class was very informative. I learned a lot about being a Broker and an agent.

Subrena States: Very Informational.

Cassandra States: I really enjoyed your class. Lots of information and materials. You helped me to understand the business side of this. Thank you for this...

Sheila States: A lot of good information, very informative. Makes it very interesting and fun.

Jeanice States: Wonderful & Informative. This class was extremely informative. It helped me understand the trucking business with me not having experience at all. Its a lot to learn, but the skills and resources are very useful.

Patricia States: Informative, educated and learned a lot.

Ronald States: Helpful and insightful. Gave a lot of information on how to generate revenue by being a broker or an agent.

Instructor States: Great people, great fun! Enjoyed educating you all.

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